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Sharp Eye
King's Mountain, South Carolina 1780
Over the Mountain Men
The Assault
Historical text by W. Hugh Harkey, Jr.
Major General Nathanael Greene Saves The Army
Halifax County Virginia, February 14, 1781
The Change of Command
Charlotte, North Carolina 1780
Washington's Southern Tour, May 31, 1791
Old Salem, North Carolina
Dawn's Early Light
Baltimore, Maryland 1814
The Hornet's Nest
Charlotte, North Carolina 1780
Major General Nathanael Greene
"The Fighting Quaker"
Brigadier General Daniel Morgan
"Washington's Rifleman"
General Charles, first Marquis and second Earl Cornwallis
"Commander of British Forces"
Lieutenant Colonel Sir Banastre Tarleton
"Beau Sabreur of The British Legion"
Lieutenant Colonel William "Billy" Washington
Francis Marion
"Swamp Fox"
Thomas Sumter
"Carolina Gamecock"
Cunne Shote
"The Stalking Turkey"
General Robert E. Lee
The Road to Asheville
Asheville, North Carolina
Meet Me On Meeting Street
Charleston, South Carolina
Homage to Sergeant Jasper
Charleston, South Carolina
Biltmore Celebration
Asheville, North Carolina
On Schedule
Charlotte, North Carolina
Whistle Stop
Rock Hill, South Carolina
Boone, North Carolina
Spring Fest
North Tryon St. Beat
Mint Condition
Home for the Holidays
Charlotte, North Carolina